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Posted on January 28th, 2013 by Bernie Russell

We talked about the reflective logs last week. The aim was to get some sort of shape and structure, and to identify some headings we’d expect to see in any log.

Headings for the log
This is what we came up with in the lesson. It’s not an exhaustive list, of course, which means we might want to look again at the notion of ‘required elements’ mentioned in the marking cover sheet. (See below.) The log should include reflection on:

  • a clear development path if the site goes live;
  • design ideas covering accessibility, usability, typography, design theory;
  • interactivity and social media, user-generated content;
  • management issues and group work;
  • your own learning;
  • your audience and users;
  • quotes from appropriate literature and web sites, properly referenced and listed in a bibliography.

I’d aso expect to see some reflection on the wider context of online journalism; how it has developed in your own sector; and your thoughts on the sector itself.

It’s worth reminding ourselves of the university marking criteria. They map fairly well onto the reflective log. (At least, they seem to. We can discuss this tomorrow.)

Marking cover sheet
We might also have a look at a marking_sheet┬áto see whether you’d find this helpful as a marking tool. It would deliver some consistency across the group, though you might find it too restrictive.If you agree, Joss and I will use this when we mark your logs.

The weekly blogs
We should also look at the weekly blogs and how they can feed your final submission. I’ll have a look at these in the class tomorrow. (29/1/2013)


Hand-in date
We can chat about the hand-in date in the class tomorrow.

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