Blackboard access for applicants (II)

Posted on July 29th, 2009 by Bernie Russell

A quick update on Cerd’s pilot project to give Blackboard access to students who’ve had offers from us:

  • Assuming the evaluation goes well, the LSJ is keen to get involved.
  • I suggest we start thinking about a package of materials we might usefully offer applicants – reading list, web resource list, equipment, etc.
  • Even if the project doesn’t run, we should probably have such a package for our open days anyway.

4 Responses to “Blackboard access for applicants (II)”

  1. Re: booklists. Thought you might be interested in this – little widget I’m putting together that allows you (or your librarian) to manage a booklist in RefWorks, then export it as RSS (which can be embedded in Blackboard).

  2. Bernie Russell says:

    Looks very useful. Keep us posted on development?

  3. rdebank says:

    Yes, booklist is a good idea. I think many of the applicants would benefit from reading a good book while they are waiting to come to university, such as Print Journalism, which is edited by Richard Keeble. It has so many really sound journalism techniques in it that are so useful for their university work and professional life, which ever part of the media they go in to. It gives them a taste of what the profession is all about.

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