Digital soon

Posted on June 19th, 2015 by Bernie Russell

The Guardian launched a five-year plan in 2011 to move “beyond the newspaper” to an 80/20 digital/print split.

The Daily Telegraph (the first British newspaper on the web) announced plans in 2014 for a new editorial structure designed to use “digital content as the backbone of each printed edition” of the newspaper.

Said to be an acceleration of Telegraph Media Group editor-in-chief Jason Seiken’s “vision to transform the organisation’s print-focused mindset into a digitally led approach”, the new structure will have five main elements:

  • One integrated print/digital newsroom.
  • Two shifts worked each day, one from 6am and one ending at midnight.
  • Three speeds to work at, from fast for breaking news to slower for a feature.
  • Four key skills for each journalist: social, video, analytics and search engine optimisation.
  • Five deliverable ideas required from each desk each day: including one video, one shareable and one interactive.

We’ll get there.

The Telegraph model seems like a good place to start.


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